Apple Watch Series 7 Pre-Orders

Apple has finally announced the pre-order dates for Apple Watch Series 7 and the users can place the orders starting this Friday, 8.10.21 and can get there hands on it from Friday, 15.10.21.

Meanwhile, we do not have any official update on Indian pricing but it is expected to launch at the same prices as the Apple Watch Series 7. The interesting thing is that the only Apple Watch you can buy in India right now from official Apple Online Store are Apple Watch SE and Series 3 and this makes complete sense as Series 7 will replace the Series 6 devices.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is still having the product page live but in store when you try to purchase the device is shows that their is no delivery information available.

We can expect the reviews from creators to start dropping between the pre-order period or on the day when the watch is available for everyone. It is interesting that another apple event is also expected to drop this month for the arrival of New MacBook Pro devices with Apple M1X chipsets. Now, we can expect them to arrive after 15.10.21 as Apple will not clash the dates as this will impact the media coverage.

Will you go for the Apple Watch Series 7 or the budget SE or Series 3 variants?


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