A modern Pixel phone for Indian consumers, Pixel 6a leaked!

Google has been ruling the smartphone market in terms of software as almost every smartphone in the world is using Google's Android OS but they were not performing well in smartphone segment until Pixel 6 series.

The Google Pixel 6 series are bringing the companies own silicon "Google Tensor" and with good pricing the company is finally having good dreams after long series of nightmares. Sadly, the Indian consumers are not getting the Pixel experience yet again. The last Pixel device launches in India was Pixel 4a and it is the only Pixel device available in Indian market. Although the decisions of the company are correct in a sense as Pixel 4a is also the only Google device which performed in the market well.

The company has not given proper reasons for not launching Pixel 6 series in India but have stated that they'll be bringing future Pixel devices to the county and this opens the gates for Pixel 6a.

In a recent article from 91 mobiles we can see the official Pixel 6a renders which are based on physical units. The device looks like an exact replica of Pixel 6 series and will be a compact version with 6.2 inch display. The leak is still speculating about the powerhouse of the smartphone which means that we can either expect Google's own Tensor chipset or a Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm.

The display can be a 90hz FHD display with flat edges similar to Pixel 6 device and the headphone jack is still missing. Overall it looks like we'll see a small brother for Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

If the device launches in Indian market under INR 40,000 we can really expect it to perform well as with Google's Tensor or Tensor lite, premium design and Android 12 experience the device will become a solid deal. We can expect the device to launch in March or at Google I/O in April next year 2022.

Are you a Pixel fan or prefer other smartphones rather than Google?


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